Jerry & Kathy Wills

Jerry & Kathy Wills

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Thursday, 09 May 2013 20:45

Songs from the rain..

We left the lodge this morning and have returned to Iquitos. On the way we were hit by 4 separate downpours. Usually this would be no issue but we were traveling in an open cargo boat.

Jerry at an animal clinic, holding a young three toed sloth. It was rescued from traders and near death at the time. Once well it will be returned to the jungle.

Quite a stinking dump. This place is truly filthy and stinks really bad. The water is filled with dead rats, fish, and animals. Human waste floats along like in a giant toilet bowl. Children play in the water, and people actually drink this water after bathing in it. Disgusting...

Everyone must go through here to get to any of the lodges along the river. Really a bad place. A lot of disease here.