Kathy's Cabinet Of Curiousities... (6)

cabinetAs you might imagine, we are always running across things we cannot explain. Sometimes it's discovered while examining photo's from our extensive archive. Other times, it might be something we find.

Maybe you have information, or hold a piece of the puzzle. This is where you can provide your thoughts and information. If your information proves out you get the credit for helping!

Here is Kathy's collection of oddball curiousities!

Exploring the underground city was dangerous business.

They arrived midday to the entrance of the subterranian city. The boulder was once again pushed aside revealing the wall and opening the would use to enter the chambers inside. Bryce was excited as they retraced their steps back to the doorway. This time he noticed other passageways leading off to closed dark rooms and other tunnels hewn from the stone leading deeper into the mountain. The weak light from his torch revealed few details. This expanse seemed to go on for miles in any direction.

A few months earlier Bryce had been shown by his professor how hidden elements, secret messages, were often "built in" to such panels.

Bryce followed the men down one of the corridors. Within a few minutes it led to a doorway, and outside again.

Here's an interesting item... Our son Bryce was, while in Peru studying to be an archeologist, taken by villagers to a spot high in the Andes east by southeast of Caja Marka.

We found this remarkable stone figure deep within the western slopes of Peru's Amazon Rainforest. Is it Mesopotamian? We really don't know, and are actively trying to determine this.