Our First Blog Entry!


First of all... Take a look in the front page of our site!

See the products listed there? Each icon is linked to a page. No, we haven't gone corporate. These folks are our friends and sponsors. They are really important to us because of their contributions to the upcoming expedition. They have provided services or products at a reduced price to help us put more of our funds toward the journey we're about to make. We didn't ask for anything for free, though we could have. However, PahaQue donated a Tee-Pee tent to the cause without even being asked! PahaQue has always been a good friend and great company to work with. Best of all (if it could even get better) they have exceptional products. You really should check their line-up out.

Like many of you who have donated to this expedition, our sponsors have also made a huge difference. For them, and for you, I have appropriately displayed their product information. These are well made essential items we would not go on an adventure without. Please take time to visit their websites and look over what they offer. If you need anything there let them know Xpeditions TV sent you.

No, we don't get a cut... We just want them to know we have sent you. To each of our sponsors; Thanks guys... You have made such a difference!

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