28,000 MILES


August 2007 - Feburary 2008

18:39 Minutes

PulstarBetween August 2007 and Febuary 2008, Jerry and Kathy Wills drove 28,000 miles criss-crossing America. They drove a 1999 seven thousand pound, K1500 Chevy Suburban. At the inception of their journey this 4 wheel drive vehicle only averaged 10 miles per gallon. Gasoline prices were soaring above $3.50 a gallon.

They installed a high volumn air filter, hydrogen gas generator, high output ignition and gas / water devices. Nothing worked as advertised. About to give up on finding a solution, they found something providing an extra 5 miles per gallon... a 50% increase! How did they do it? They installed Pulstar plugs...


An additional 38,000 miles have been driven since this video was made, as they continue to periodically criss-crossed the United States. Because of improvements to the Pulstar Pluse Plug there have been significent gains in their milage. On one trip across Texas during 2009, driving a steady 70 mph using cruise control, Jerry and Kathy Wills experienced a solid 19 miles per gallon! Given the norm without the Pulstar Pulse Plugs was documented at 9 ~ 11 miles per gallon, this improvement incredibly falls within the 100% range of milage increase. No other improvements have been made to the engine to acheive this gain.

With normal driving around town or across country their milage varies, though it never drops below 16 mpg. The Chevy 350, now with nearly 180,000 miles on it, still runs smooth and strong with no issues of any kind. Perhaps another aspect from using the Pulstear Pulse Plugs.


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