Astonished And Breathless!

Lima Night Lima Night

After spending a few days studying new data we are ready to get back to the adventure. Our time in Lima has been spent conducting research and meeting with folks helping with this expedition.

The unexpected pause happened because surprising new information surfaced. The details present a complex panorama of people, places, and events across history and several continents. These details have frequently left us astonished and breathless. The story we now follow is a vast and complicated mix of seemingly random (and seemingly unrelated) events spanning the world and crossing several centuries. It became obvious several days ago these events run parallel to each other. When placed on a timeline an extraordinary story unfolds. This is a story unlike anything we have encountered. It is rich and colorful, and it tells a completely different version of history than anything we have known. We are still piecing many elements together so that when we relate this to you it will make sense.

These documented events, now obvious and historically linked, point us toward southern Peru and Bolivia. There are again places we need to go few travel to.

Will we find what we are looking for, the evidence that fills in more detail? We don't know for sure. We can only answer this question by going farther.

In a few days we travel south, and deeper into the mystery. As usual, Spot will be activated once we begin our overland journey from Peru to Bolivia. We will keep you informed as we are able.

Continue listening to The Kevin Smith Show. Kevin will broadcast an update next week.

Best Wishes Everyone
Jerry and Kathy Wills

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