Leaving Tarapoto - Next Stop Iquitos!

Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Jerry & Kathy Wills

Heavy rain is projected through the next week. Because of this we have decided to leave Tarapoto. Our next stop is the Amazon Rainforest Lodge about an hour outside Iquitos.

We can review our footage and plan out next steps there.

We had planned to leave for Caja Marca on Wednesday. It is also experiencing unusually heavy rainfall.

That's how it is here. The weather is unpredictable, and sometimes harsh. It's also why we are here for over a month. You never know what to expect.

It will be raining in Iquitos as well. Fortunately, the lodge is very comfortable with many amenities. We will be cozy in our jungle hut as terrific thunderstorms roll through.

Next stop, Iquitos!

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