Peruvian Lost City - Inside an Andean Mountain! (pt4)

Ancient Inscriptions Ancient Inscriptions Photo by: Kathy Wills

They arrived midday to the entrance of the subterranian city. The boulder was once again pushed aside revealing the wall and opening the would use to enter the chambers inside. Bryce was excited as they retraced their steps back to the doorway. This time he noticed other passageways leading off to closed dark rooms and other tunnels hewn from the stone leading deeper into the mountain. The weak light from his torch revealed few details. This expanse seemed to go on for miles in any direction.

The dim glow of sunlight, barely visible beyond a curved wall, told Bryce they were almost back to the doorway where the inscriptions were found.

Bryce studied the inscriptions with a renewed interest. If these were hiding a secret message he wanted to be as familiar as possible with what was there. It would be dark in a few hours. At this elevation cold winds would begin to blow at sundown. He wanted to buld a fire but there was no room for that. Armed with wool blankets, a few provisions, and two weak flashlights they waited in the cold for the full moon to come overhead.

Being there at night was risky. Storms can suddenly occur without warning in the Andes bringing heavy rain, wind, and freezing temperatures. If this happened nothing would be seen because of clouds. Worse yet, they would not be able to leave for - perhaps - days should it be a strong storm. There was the risk of landslides. They might face an unpredictable and dangerous descent to the village miles away. Exploring was sometimes dangerous business, and Bryce fully realizd this. Looking eastward Bryce took a deep breath unconsciously watching a trail of mist pass arch over a distant mountain top. So far, so good. For now the sky was clear with no sign of trouble on the horizon.

After hours of waiting, the moon was directly overhead. It was time.

Moonlight shone down upon the side of the doorway. Shapes began to appeared just under the extruded text. The stone panel was about to reveal its secrets. 

Slowly, as the moon came directly overhead, new symbols became visible. These were also written in the same language. From what Bryce could read, and he only had scant few moments to read the first few lines, the inscriptions refered to the inhabitants and the layout of the subterranian city. Further down he noticed what looked like a reference to another site like this one. There was not enough time to read everything. The full moon passed further, the shadows retreated, and the messages were again invisible.

It would be another six months before they would be visible again. It was time to begin the long journey back to the safety of the village.

Part 5 tomorrow

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