Peruvian Lost City - Inside an Andean Mountain! (pt1)

Andean Morning Andean Morning Photo by: Kathy Wills

Here's an interesting item... Our son Bryce was, while in Peru studying to be an archeologist, taken by villagers to a spot high in the Andes east by southeast of Caja Marka.

The spot was near the top of a mountain quite high above the village. Once they arrived several of the men went to work digging out a large stone. Once freed it was then pushed aside revealing a buried stone wall similar in construction to the precisly fitted stones found at Ollantaytambo, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. A portion of the wall cleared of debris revealing an entry point looking more like a window than a door. More debris was moved away and they entered.

Inside was a medium size room. On one side was a stone basin where one might bathe. Across from this was a doorway leading to a corridor they eventually discovered interconnected to many other passageways. It seemed these led on to other rooms, some quite large, deeper into the mountain. The entire complex had been hewn from solid granite.

Part 2 tomorrow...

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