Beyond The Amazon: Packing for Peru's Western Wilderness (part 10)

Jerry and Kathy Wills (Illavi, Peru) Jerry and Kathy Wills (Illavi, Peru) Photo by: Mark Felder


Planning an expedition requires months of preparation and effort. As youcan now tell, significant thought goes into every detail. Once you arrive there are no substitutions or work-arounds. Mistakes of omission are a great concern, and have happened in past expeditions. Over the years we have managed to developed a system helping us avoid issues through careful attention to detail. This is the reason we start months in advance developing and testing every item we plan to use.

Where we are headed there are no replacement parts, or stores to pick up something forgotten. We are going a long way from home for who knows how long. There is no reasonable way to go back to capture the shot we missed because of poor planning. Usually the shots we film are once in a lifetime events that could never be recaptured. We shoot as we go, and it can be exhausting. We have one chance at this, and realize this well before we leave. Intimidating? Yes... But what we shoot is remarkable, fun, and educational. It's worth the effort

We like to think of ourselves as professionals... We are at least professional packers! Practice makes perfect I suppose. Especially when you do it time and again. To date we have more than a decade under our belts. It's being so aware mistakes can happen that compells us to be so focused on the smallist details.

Thankfully, Kathy and I work together and cross check each other as we go. We also have a great network of friends and professional colleagues who offer suggestions and advice. Producing our adventure videos is a combined effort. It's everyone helping us that makes the difference.

In the final edit, we look back at all that went into the expedition and sag back into our seats as we watch time and time again the video we have produced. It is mind numbing at times to keep it all streight as we prepare. The events leading up to our departure are always a challenge to command. In the end, it is exhilarating to see the finished product we are excited to share with others. It's you, our friends and fans, who makes it all worth the effort. Thanks to each of you for giving us a reason to go.

Well, back to packing. It's getting late again - too late for another pot of coffee -  and I'm weary...

Thankfully our heads haven't exploded yet : )

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