Beyond The Amazon: Packing for Peru's Western Wilderness (part 8)

Choosing the best one Choosing the best one Photo by: Scott Perin


Every piece of gear used is researched for suitability, bought, tested, and its function (assembly, etc) must be clearly understood. Each item has a compliment of "necessary things". This list includes battery chargers for the equipment (and each piece has it's own so it must be labeled), solar charging systems, water purification, camping equipment... Specifically, we must be fully aware how each item works, what additional items this piece depends on, and how to integrate everything together.

I think you get the idea. This is complicated, requiring serious thought item to item, system to system. That's a lot to remember and think about, and it makes us both weary at times.

Once each item arrives it is unpacked and placed on a table, situated in an order allowing us to consider how it will be packed. Packing has always been the most difficult part of our expeditions.

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