Beyond The Amazon: Packing for Peru's Western Wilderness (part 6)

Biolite Camp Stove Biolite Camp Stove Biolite


For heating water or cooking food we use the BioLite stove, a state of the art device that generates electricity as it burns fuel. The electricity can be used to charge electronics equipment. Exhausted fuel from the BioLite is elemental carbon which could be used for water filtration if need be.

We pack an assortment of high protein energy bars and freeze dried food. We could eat the same as the locals, and have at times. The down side is that you might become ill from undercooked or spoiled food. Because we have both gotten (very) sick from eating local cuisine we try to only use food we are sure of. The locals rarely have issues because they are used to the food and conditions. We are not. Getting sick from bad food is terribly uncomfortable and can be dangerous when you consider e-Coli, typhoid, hepatitis, and cholera. Of course, becoming ill during an expedition usually means you are off in some remote place. It also means there is no medicine or doctor nearby. It kills an expedition dead in its tracks.

Our suggestion is to pack in more than you thnk you will need to survive. If you must eat locally be certain of the sanitation of the food. Watch how it is being prepared and cooked. This includes paying close attention to the water used for cooking and washing utensils. Paying attention here will save you misery later.

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