Beyond The Amazon: Packing for Peru's Western Wilderness (part 1)

Jerry and Kathy Wills Jerry and Kathy Wills Photo by: Scott Perin

Kathy and Jerry Wills have started the final stages of prepariation for packing equipment for Xpeditions TV's journey to film in the remote western Amazon rainforest.

The Expedition to Tocache has required months of planning and careful attention to details the casual traveler rarely encounters. Equipment choices, clothing, food and packing each item are each important issues. Each category comprises separate components forming the backbone of our expeditions. The components and framework of each catagory is intrensically interconnected forming a complete unit. Make a mistake within any of these arenas and you are sure to regret it. There are numerous systems and subsystems to consider. Planning on this scale requires intense organization and focused attention to detail.


To help you understand how this is thought out and enacted we decided to categorize each area we pay special attention to, and share it with you. Everything from clothing to camping gear, electronics management to water purification is covered. Within the next few articles we'll provide you an insiders look at how we make these choices, details about the equipment we have chosen, and share a few of our thoughts on how to accomplish the daunting task of bringing it all together to leave on time. Done correctly any journey can easily be made with few issues arising. Successfully executing an expedition to Peru, Brazil, or any other place on earth simply requires focus, planning, and a lot of patience... especially patience.



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