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Our programs and video film documentaries (on the left of your screen) are always available to view AT NO COST, launching the concept for sharing our adventure with you as we search for answers while having a great time in strange and remote locations.

As you read this we might be deep in the Amazon or at some remote mountain top in the Andes. Burro's loaded, equipment in tow, we're looking for the fantastic and unusual. There's no Internet where we are headed but, we will bring that information back here for you to see for yourself!

Xpeditions TV has evolved. We now have a fee based "Members" and "Premium Content" area where your $25 yearly membership allows you to download our complete library of videos. As we continue to improve these areas members will find DVD video files available (burn you own DVD's at home + artwork), and audio files (AIFF and MP3 files + artwork) from our CD libraries as well. We invite you to use this as a way to financially contribute to equipment needs and future expeditions. film truck

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We send out details as we travel to new locations, or if something important comes up. We know you want to stay in touch. This is the best way to immediately hear about new videos, discoveries, and what we are doing, or where we are. Your subscription link is to the left of this page just above the "Sponsors" listed there.

Briefly, about our sponsors; The companies shown have (in our opinion) the best equipment. We have tried each piece to determine if it would work well, and last, the rigors of any of our advengtures. In each instance their products surpassed our expectations. Take some time to look over their products. I'm confident you will be thrilled at the quality and customer service they offer.

Since its inception in 2006 Xpeditions TV has been quite an undertaking. During the past seven years we have traveled the world looking for answers and following clues. These journeys can be exhausting, but always well worth our time. Jerry & I remain excited to continue sharing our adventures and discoveries with you. We know you enjoy all that's here, so please pass Xpeditions TV on to your friends, email lists, social websites, and schools.

It will always be you - our viewers, fans, friends, and supporters - who ultimately decide if this is worth the effort. From what we can tell so far, it has been!

Jerry and I look forward to hearing from you.
Best Wishes
Kathy Wills

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